Practise your listening skills – then write!

Following on from my little rant about technology and switching it off for a while, I have been trying to listen in a more concentrated way to the world around me.
The idea behind this, of course, is to find inspiration for my poetry and other forms of writing. It really does work! On a bush walk this week, the sounds of the bush
were incredible, particularly in the secluded area in which I was walking – no passing cars or trucks to intrude on the sounds of life in the bush. A recent trip to the beach
was also filled with fantastic sounds of waves, and birds and fishing and family. Let me know if you’ve kept an ear out for sounds for your own writing!


turn off your technology – for a while

technology is great, and I’m not bagging it, but how many opportunities do poets and writers miss when their heads are¬†down in their ipad or iphone and their ears are plugged up?

turn your technology off, if just for a little while, and soak in your environment. Writers can gather so much material from just looking, listening, feeling, tasting and sensing the world, as well as from interacting with those around them.

so….give it a go, and give your devices a rest!